Saturday, September 19, 2009

Never-been-done-before List

So many years had passed, still, there are some things in this world that I haven't tried.

Here's my List:

1. Pay Electricity/Telephone Bill

Hindi pa ako nakapasok sa loob ng meralco or ng PLDT. Sa maniwala kayo o sa hindi.

2. Ride a Single-Motor Bike

Kahit angkas lang hindi pa din ako nakasakay sa SINGLE motor.

3. Airplane Ride.
Kahit domestic flights man lang.. Pero I know someday makakasakay din ako ng airplane at gusto ko sa tabi ng window.. hehe.

4. Ship Cruise.

Kahit tiga-Malabon ako, at madaming bangka dito, di pa ako nakasakay sa malaking barko. Yung bumabyahe ng malayo.

5. NBSB (no bf since birth) member.

Hindi ko pa na-try magbotfriend up to this moment. Yaan nyo a-update ko kapag meron na. papa-celebrate ako!! haha.

You can make your own of "never-been-done-before" list.

(to be continue..)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Looking Back.

Life is a matter of choice. We are the one responsible for each decisions we make. Once we let the opportunity slip away, there's no way back.

Most of the time, we get to the point where we have to decide which way to go. In Career, studies, families and love life.

But how do we know we're on the right track? That you chose the best way?

It could be as simple as this:

It makes you really happy.